About Us

Ed White & Associates, Inc. is a privately held real estate investment and services firm focused on the syndication, acquisition, investment and asset management of high quality multifamily assets. The company’s founding principles and mission statement direct and guide all of our activities. Our goal is to serve all of our client’s real estate investment objectives regardless of their size.

Headquartered in New Orleans, (Metairie) Louisiana, the firm was founded in 1984. Initially, Ed White and Associates, Inc. was created to serve our clients in the New Orleans Metropolitan commercial/ investment/ real estate market. Early on, the primary focus was on the representation of our clients through development, sales, listings and the leasing of commercial/investment real estate. In 1995 we expanded to include investment opportunities outside the New Orleans metropolitan area. Our search for stable, well diversified, growing markets, led us to the state of Texas. Since that time the firm has been able to participate in 41 acquisitions/35 dispositions of multi-family property investments with our clients.

NOW: Through the years our successes have allowed us to evolve into a group whose primary discipline is in the acquisition and disposition of well-positioned multifamily assets across the state of Texas. Our current portfolio encompasses the metropolitan areas of Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. The ability to achieve these goals is dependent upon having in-depth market knowledge at the national, state and regional levels, along with firsthand knowledge of the submarkets we target for acquisition. We believe our highly entrepreneurial and innovative firm allows us to create superior returns on investment through our asset management services.

ACQUISITIONS: Our primary goal is to identify those investment opportunities that with our supervision, will provide superior yields for our clients. We target projects that create immediate cash return, with anticipated equity growth. Our underwriting methodology always relies on a conservative combination of actual market fundamentals and, once acquired, what our business plan and experience suggest the asset is capable of achieving.